Elmore Community Services

Elmore Community Services is a charity based in Oxford working in the community with people who have complex needs. Commonly our clients have a range of ‘needs’ including mental health, homelessness, substance misuse, offending behaviour, physical health problems, learning difficulties and relationship breakdowns.

Elmore works directly with such people, who tend to be on the margins of society, and aims to enable and empower them. Elmore’s goal is to reach people often in crisis and work with them to create stability and long-term change through providing flexible support in complex situations. Our model of working is based on a specialist persistent and assertive team based approach. This connects individuals to a wide range of services who would otherwise continue to fall through the net. The key outcomes delivered are stable accommodation, better health and wellbeing, reductions in offending and increased purposeful activity.

Some quotes from our clients:

“Elmore is different I didn’t have to go there. I chose to. They worked with me when other people had given up.”

“I mess them around but they are always on my case and never give up on me.”

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