Oxfordshire Recovery College’s Theory of Change

Recently, students and tutors at the Oxfordshire Recovery College took part in a series of workshops to think about what they do, why they do it and what they are aiming to achieve.

A report has been created detailing the ideas everyone came up with. It was split into college’s values, overall aims, specific aims and what they do.

Overall aims included “create a shared learning experience/environment”, “everyone empowered, enabled and educated”. Detailed in specific aims were “Increase self belief”, “Breakdown barriers”. Finally, statements such as “give a sense of purpose” and “support people from being a service user to a service giver” were included under the ‘what do we do’ section.

As a result of the workshops,  a mission statement was created: “Through learning together, we support each other to grow, in hope and confidence and develop skills to better manage our own mental health.”